BF special on liners, lowest price ever!
BF special on liners, lowest price ever!
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Keenz Backorder and Dealer network

Hello wanted to address one of biggest questions we have about the Keenz wagon and inventory. We are often asked why we don't have more inventory and why there are such long backorders and varying delivery dates.

Keenz strollerwagons are relatively a new type of product to this baby industry and this specific item has a huge global demand and Keenz is having a hard time manufacturing the demand at this moment. Strollerwagons is one of the few authorized dealers on the west coast and have large orders placed with Keenz USA. Because the wagons are already all sold, the items are completely sold out as soon as they arrive and delivered to dealers and customers, there is no sitting inventor at Keenz USA. The products that are imported and subject to customs, port delays, inspections and transit times, the delivery dates are very fluid and can change. 

Here at Strollerwagons, we try to keep as much inventory as possible and are always communicating the need for inventory. We are a top tier Keenz dealer and do our best to deliver the best customer service to you regardless of what is happening behind the scenes.